Can Reglan 20mg be given IV Push?

Can Reglan 20mg be given IV Push?

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Can Reglan 20mg be given IV Push?

Answer: No

Reglan is used to prevent nausea in post-op patients, post chemotherapy, or stimulate GI motility.   Reglan is available in oral form but in cases where patients are too nauseated or NPO, IV Reglan is available. Generally, Reglan doses are 10mg IVP per dose. In this case, Reglan may be given over 2 minutes slowly. However, larger doses may be required. Any dose more than Reglan 10mg IV should be diluted and given as a piggyback. If given too fast, acute dystonic reaction may occur.

If acute dystonic reaction occurs, diphenhydramine may be given to treat the symptom.

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