Cute Owl Nursing Badge Reel/ ID Badge Holder/ Retractable Badge Reel

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Cute Owl ID Badge Holder Lined with Colorful Rhinestones

Choose from 5 colors or all five at a bulk price! $49.99

Choose from Slide Clip or Alligator Swivel Clip

What are the difference between the two clips:

Alligator clips swivel in all directions allowing you to pull your retractable line in any direction you may need it.
– Slide clips can only be pulled in one direction (down).
Slide clips can support larger badge reel designs.
– Alligator clips tend to droop the ID badge holder face if not connected properly on larger badge reel designs.
Alligator clips can attach to any article of clothing and even surfaces of fabric.
– Slide clips are limited to where they can attach (pockets, labels and belts).
Slide clips are easy to clean and do not tend to get tangled in hair or clothing.
– Alligator clips are prone to tangles in hair and clothing.

Size - 1.25" Diameter
Length - 18" Retractable Vinyl Line
Accessories - Clear Flexible Button-Snap ID Badge Collar

Constructed of a Durable Polycarbonate Housing
Equipped with an 18" Spring-Loaded Vinyl Retractable ID Badge Leash
Paired with a Clear Flexible Polyurethane ID Badge Button Snap Collar
Easily Secures to Anything with its' Polished Metal Clip
Unmatched in Quality and & Design

Large Quantity/Bulk Rates Available Upon Request - Please Contact Us Directly by email for Larger Orders!